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Custom SEO Services

Custom SEO Services for Polish and American customers
Custom Search Engines Optimization of your keywords

Custom Search Engine Optimization and Website Management Services

Together with a nice design and easy navigation, you have managed to construct your own website. Planning each detail with attention towards the public, the webmaster has done a good job as well. Thoughts such as, 'I am going to boost my sales and create a brand that is well known to the public,' have filled your mind.

Days pass. All things being equal, you find yourself at the same spot: although the website has been up and running almost 100% of the time, just a few random clients have visited the site during the last week or so! You find out that your competitors can be located through some of the most commonly used search engines, such as Google, Bing, Onet, WP, AOL and others. However, your website cannot be easily located; this problem exists even after entering the original business name. Nothing makes sense.

Does it sound familiar?


TOMASZ LLC is the Polish-American Search Engine Optimization, Website Management, and E-marking Group. If you have experienced one of the above dilemmas, there are some short and long-term strategies that can solve these and most any other problems that have left your website 'hanging around' in the CyberLand.

O-Services LLC Owners: TOMASZ LLC helped us a lot with establishing and recognizing our brand on a competitive Internet market. Online promotion is much easier now!

PLL Inc.: Working with TOMASZ LLC was (and still is) a great learning experience. On a long run, he succeeded in targeting these keywords which our business relies on every day. 
(Undisclosed Client): I'd rather not reveal the source of my competitive advantage, but I can say without TOMASZ LLC services my online business would be still where it was 3 years ago.
SEO and Website Management

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