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Google Penalty

Running an online business takes a considerable amount of work, even for simple one-person affiliate marketing sites. Using proper search engine optimization (SEO) techniques can get your site ranked on places such as Google or Bing. This means that you can build up your web traffic and find new customers from around the world.

For online business owners who have been struggling to get higher rankings on search engines, one of the potential problems that are often overlooked is whether their website has been penalized by Google or Bing. A penalty essentially strips your website from the search engine which will have a major effect on your website building new traffic.

What is a Google or Bing Penalty?

A penalty is basically taking your website off of these search engines which undercuts your SEO efforts and severely limits your website's ability to make profits as relatively few people will be aware that your website even exists.

There are certain ways to know if your website has been penalized.

  • Google Webmaster Tools notifies You
  • Removal from Google Index
  • Dramatic drop in number of Visitors

The notification is self-evident, but you will have to check with Google to see if your website is still part of the Index. As for the dramatic drop in visitors, there may be other reasons as to why, but seeing if your website is penalized should be the place to start.

You may find through research that one search engine may have penalized your website, but the other has not. This is because Google and Bing use different algorithms in ranking and penalizing pages. This can come in handy if you've noticed your site has dropped some visitors, but is still pulling in new traffic.

There may be other reasons why your site has been penalized. If you still cannot identify the problem, it is recommended that you contact Google or Bing to discover exactly why your site was penalized.

How to Avoid Being Penalized

While getting a Google or Bing penalty is not the end of the world, it certainly is something to be avoided so potential income is not being lost. To avoid your website being penalized means following proper SEO tactics and staying within the boundaries of the rules. In general, here are some practices to avoid so that your website does not get penalized.

Thin or Poor Content: Google for example looks at more than just the amount of content, but the quality of it as well. Is your content useful to the reader? Is the content readable and reasonable when it comes to spelling and grammatical errors? While even the best content may have a misspelled word or two, for the most part the content is of high quality and very usable to readers.

Keyword Stuffing: One of the oldest and most common "black hat" tactics is putting too many keywords into your content which results it Google or Bing algorithms banning it from their search engines. Keep your keyword count low and reasonable at no more than 1% or one keyword for every 100 words of content.

Hidden Text: This is another old trick where websites use hidden text that is generally stuffed with keywords that cannot be seen by the visitor. Hidden text usually gets a red flag from search engines, so be sure that all of your text is in plain view for everyone to see.

Similar Backlinks: Basically, if you have a large number of backlinks that have identical anchor text or are from poor quality sites, then Google or Bing might penalize your website. You will want to check and make sure that your content has backlinks from respected sources that are applied over time.

How to Recover from Being Penalized

If your website has been penalized (in some cases your competitors may have something to do with that), there are procedures you can perform which will start the process of getting your website back on Google or Bing.

Disavow Links: If your site's ranking is being affected by low-quality links that you had nothing to do with and then ask Google to take them off of your account. While the request will be put in place automatically, it may take a few weeks before they can process the request.

Automatic Penalties: These are penalties incurred automatically by the algorithm programs being used. Cleaning away bad links is a good start, but after doing so you will need to wait until the next automatic sweep occurs before your website can be restored.

Manual Penalties: This means that the infractions were spotted by an employee of Google or a subsidiary who reviewed your site. You will certainly be notified and you can make the recommended changes relatively quickly. Once completed, you can file a request for reconsideration and your site will be manually checked again.

How does Work for You? provides a simple, straightforward and quick way in checking to see if your website has been penalized. All you need to do is the following:

  • Enter your Website Name
  • Submit the Form
  • Wait for the Analysis to Return

You will see the results on your screen fairly quickly once all the calculations have been made about whether your website has indeed been penalized. The results range from your site checking out to penalized, definitely penalized and hard to tell. The latter three results will guide you as what move you should make next. This quick penalty check will let you know whether you need to have the penalty removed or if you should search in other places to explain why your website is not performing up to expectations.

How You & Others can benefit from

The main benefit is that you can find out if something is wrong very quickly and start taking the steps necessary to get your website back to where it belongs. This particular tool is very easy to use and the results will inform you about the current status of your website.

Every online business owner needs to have a tool like to help them in keeping status on their website. For business owners, SEO professionals, web developers and more, this is the website that identifies when a website has been penalized.

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