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TOMASZ SEO Services Overview

At, we offer custom SEO services from basic page submissions through keyword targeting and analysis, SEO writing and editing, paid inclusions, and complete search engine optimization.

Website Management
Day-to-day operations, updates, and maintenance of your website. Payment management, tracking, and analysis. Public relations and customer service.

Page Submissions
Includes manual major search engine and directory submissions. It is highly recommended to complete each directory submission correctly; once a site is listed, it is very difficult if not impossible to change the description, which plays an important role in the future engine search rankings.

Keyword Targeting and Analysis
Targeting the right keywords is the essential part of your business. The cost of marketing wrong keywords or phrases may outscore positive results. We'll help you determine which keywords are best for your product, service, or brand. Then, we'll direct your prospective customers to your site via search engines and web directories.
SEO Writing and Editing
Not only visitors look for 'to-the-point' information on your product or services; search engines require similar approach too. The words on your pages are a long-term investment which should not be neglected. We'll write from scratch or rewrite the text on your pages so that they satisfy both your visitors and search engine spiders.

Paid Inclusions
Paid online marketing campaigns have become popular recently because they allow to experience the results fast. Since paid inclusions usually require direct payment and thorough keyword analysis, you should really know which search engines or directories are worth the money. We'll research your market and target only the most effective places.

Complete Search Engine Optimization
The best solution for your site. Includes all the above services plus monitoring, resubmissions (if necessary), and custom keyword/ranking reports for the period of one year.
Please Note: Although your search engine results will vary over time, and, perhaps, change ranking positions, the work we do will generally keep your web site high on the ranking for at least one year year without any additional search engine optimization.

Custom Search Engine Optimization

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